Vuu-do Linux

*ALL LINKS INACTIVE FOR THE MOMENT* New stable versions of openbox and mate to be uploaded in the next few days, plus beta's of the maximal versions of each.

Vuu-do linux is a small, lightweight system based on Devuan and re-spun from Miyolinux. This is a minimal setup meant to be a base to build on with the programs/packages of your choice.
Refracta-installer and Refracta-snapshot are included on the iso so you can re-master your own version easily.

It has all the infrastructure and utilities needed for a base system, but no browser or other programs installed. It is actually pretty cushy for openbox, it's meant to make it easy for even a new linux user to use. The Mate version is similar but with the added functionality of the Mate DE.

VUU-DO stands for Veteran Unix User-do, because if I can do it, so can you. ;)

And all thanks to a lot of great VUA's who make VUU's possible. :D

Vuu-do is powered by Devuan with the help of a whole lotta fsmithred/Refracta magic and Miyolinux soul.

*Note* I built Vuu-do to be as minimal as possible, this meant getting rid of everything I couldn't use, translations, locales, docs etc., all except for the english utf-8 stuff. It's possible to add other languages and locales etc. but would be less work to do so on Devuan itself or Miyolinux as the extras are not cut and they are more multilingual-user-friendly.


New Vuu-do openbox stable 1.0.0 64 bit hybrid-iso 350.2 mb 05-30-2017 (non-uefi), sha256 and package list files:

Direct download of just the iso:

Release notes:


New Vuu-do mate RC-1 64 bit hybrid-iso 370.1 mb 06-02-2017 (non-uefi), sha256 and package list files:

Direct download of just the iso:

Release notes:


Zip file of the Oxy2-zen icons used as default if anyone wants to use them in something else:

The livecd uses su for admin tasks, sudo is installed but there is no guest user in sudoers file.

Username/passwords for the livecd:
vuudo = vuudo
root = root